Giving Tuesday

Here is your latest dose of Giving Tuesday. Some Tuesdays, I will write a special post with the three-five coolest examples of giving back I’ve found (or done) that week. It might include stories, fundraisers, ways to get involved, ways to volunteer or more. Free ...Read More

Enough is Enough

In 2011 I started my blog, Make the World Go Round. It lasted for six months. In 2014 I started Coachable Heart. It lasted two years. In 2016, Gish (a.k.a. GISHWHES) changed my life.  This group unites each year for one week.  They commit ...Read More

I Am Putting Me First

For months I’ve been thinking about it. I have pondered. I’ve weighed my thoughts carefully, I oversaw the options and considered them one by one. I’ve listened to my mind and to my heart. Now I have made up my mind. I am putting ...Read More