Jennifer Hickok believes that you have a coachable heart and loves to help and inspire you to find and fulfill your career dreams. Jennifer shares personal experiences, simple tools, industry research, case studies and special programs to motivate and inspire you. She also aspires to write her first eBook in the next year – possibly a 30 day challenge for her readers.

Jennifer is both a leader and practitioner, spending her time paving new paths in her organization and growing the enterprise intranet into something more than a business tool. She has been leading small teams for nearly ten years, and working in the intranet industry for more than 14 years. Jennifer is a partner with the Worldwide Intranet Challenge representing the Los Angeles area.

At home Jennifer is wife to a nationally qualified triathlete and mother to an aspiring history teacher. She is also an avid reader of leadership books (and fiction), a speaker as a certified Master Food Preserver, a lover of music and all things outdoors and grew up as an Air Force brat.

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