Giving Tuesday

A quick note…Some memories become inextricably linked. The Borderline Bar & Grill shooting is linked with the Camp Fire and it with the Woolsey fire – all tied together into a disaster so incomprehensible it defies understanding. Today I was reminded of the Camp Fire when I discovered a hackathon online while doing some research for work. That reminded me of Borderline, which reminded me I need to post, and today is Tuesday so it’s time for me to highlight acts of giving. Thanks for reading, J

Here is your latest dose of Giving Tuesday.

Some Tuesdays, I will write a special post with the three-five coolest examples of giving back I’ve found (or done) that week. It might include stories, fundraisers, ways to get involved, ways to volunteer or more.

Renew Paradise – A series of hacks to resource the communities outside Paradise, CA and Butte County after the Camp Fire. This one touches my heart. Now that the disasters are over, the fires are 100% contained, and the news coverage is gone – I wonder what’s happening in the communities and how they’re rebuilding. Now I know that people are still out there actively working on making a difference.

End Gun Violence Together – TOMS is giving $5 million to organizations across the country committed to ending gun violence. Send a postcard to your representative in less than 30 seconds at  (all printing and postage paid for by TOMS). You can take action now by telling your representative to pass universal background checks, something more than 90% of Americans agree on.

The Ninth Annual James Garfield Miracle – My favorite blogger is Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess. For the ninth year running she organized, hosted and contributed to the James Garfield miracle. Jenny has eclectic tastes which include a love for taxidermy. Nine years ago she bought a boar head (named James Garfield) and her husband thought she was crazy so she sold homemade Xmas cards to make up money she paid for him. She made so much on the cards that she decided to give the money back to parents struggling to buy a toy for their kid. The money went quickly but as soon as she ran out of cash a ton of other people stepped up and asked if they could send toys to strangers and it grew into a weird but lovely tradition. This year marks the 9th year that this tradition has continued. She, and this, are amazing. It’s not too late to participate if you want to buy a gift for someone in need.

Please give me feedback. How do you see people giving back? Which item above is your favorite? What do you want to see more or less of? Something else? Just comment below to let me know.

It takes us all to make the world go round, have a great week!