Simplify for Significance

Today we are talking about the significance within your home. These days, many people are overwhelmed with the amount of things they have and are seeking a way to simplify. I have three tips to help you look around your home and pull out what is significant to let go of the rest. First we need to start be using the right terms. Second, we need to see the value of emptiness. Finally, we need to let go. When we simplify like this, we are able to surround ourselves with significant items that we love.

Call It Like You Mean It

There’s a great post from a blog called Untitled Minimalism that talks about Being Specific About Stuff. I suggest you read the post for yourself, the author Robert, has a great tale that is worth your time. The general point of his post is this, you cannot rid yourself of stuff, you can let go of individual items. You have to stop thinking about your clutter as stuff and simplify individual items, to get to the significant ones you love.

Don’t see a Blank Space

Simplify For SignificanceIn another post from Becoming Minimalist, Cheryl Moreau talks about The Possibliity in Blank Spaces. There is an inherent need in our culture to fill space. Looking around my home right now, I see it, or rather, I don’t see it. There is not a single blank space in site, unless you count the front door. Cheryl encourages us to explore the possibility in blank spaces. We were selling our home and had staged our home, boxing up all of our loved collectibles, and leaving things clean and uncluttered. It was a challenge to adapt to the change. Even though we have a desire to simplify, something inside of us fights against that. Cheryl reminds us that from blank space we find freedom. With freedom, we can choose to be significant.

What to Let Go Of

When you have named your individual items, and opened yourself to the possibility of blank space, it’s time to let go. But how do you know what to let go of? FlyLady Marly Cilley teaches us How to Declutter. She encourages us to know the right time, to have the right equipment and to have a plan. Best of all, she gives some great tips in the form of questions to ask yourself, something as simple as “Do I have another that is better?” frees us from the guilt and allows us to let go of all but the most significant items in our home. I love that she teaches us to release items so that someone else can love them. There are so many people that are not as fortunate, give them the opportunity to love the items and be free.

Simplify your home so that you have more room and time for the significant things that matter most to you. First, stop looking at your stuff and identify the individual items you need to let go. Second, explore the possibility of blank spaces. Finally, dig in and let go.

Where will you start, what will you do with your new space?


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