Time-Out Thursday – Do Something Significant

Time-Out Thursday

Time-Out Thursday


Creative Commons “Tag Heuer Stopwatch” by William Warby used under CC BY 2.0 / Added Text

Time-Out Thursday

…is an opportunity for me to blow the whistle and remind you to stop, take a deep breath, and smile. I will be sharing material that has made me smile, a video, a statement, an image or a story. It could be something beautiful, funny, inspiring, or amazing my only criteria is that it makes me smile and that I hope to pass that smile on to you. Take a time-out, this one’s on me.

Do Something Significant

This week I have had an obsession with the term significant. For the year 2014, I was focused on being intentional. I think I have found my focus for 2015.



I’ve spent thinking about it this week thinking about how I feel when I’ve been made to feel significant. I’ve also been trying to think about how I can make the people I interact with feel more significant. A quick search on YouTube revealed this video to me. It’s interesting to think about insecurity leading to a craving for significance. I have certainly discovered that doing something significant is paramount to making you feel significant. I suspect I will be spending more time on this. My wish for you today is that you may feel significant, and that you may share significance with those you love.

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