Time-Out Thursday – Gourmet Paper Mache

Time-Out Thursday

Time-Out Thursday


Creative Commons “Tag Heuer Stopwatch” by William Warby used under CC BY 2.0 / Added Text

Time-Out Thursday

…is an opportunity for me to blow the whistle and remind you to stop, take a deep breath, and smile. I will be sharing material that has made me smile, a video, a statement, an image or a story. It could be something beautiful, funny, inspiring, or amazing my only criteria is that it makes me smile and that I hope to pass that smile on to you. Take a time-out, this one’s on me.

Gourmet Paper Mache

There’s an entire YouTube channel devoted to the art of Gourmet Paper Mache. I didn’t even know paper mache could become gourmet! These creations are fantastic. I’m sharing the first one I saw, a Dragon trophy, because it was my introduction, but take some time to look through the other videos too and check out the blog too. Enjoy! (Featured image from The “Gourmet Paper Mache” (2014) website c2ca3fec846fb17843596526f1c860fe_8mp0.png.

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