Time-Out Thursday – Proximity Flying

Time-Out Thursday

Time-Out Thursday

…is an opportunity for me to blow the whistle and remind you to stop, take a deep breath, and smile. I will be sharing material that has made me smile, a video, a statement, an image or a story. It could be something beautiful, funny, inspiring, or amazing my only criteria is that it makes me smile and that I hope to pass that smile on to you. Take a time-out, this one’s on me.

Proximity Flying

BASEdreams is the home of Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall – a legendary BASE jumper and born adventurer who has proved that nothing is impossible if you chase you dreams with passion. … Douggs’ groundbreaking capture on video of the extremes of human body flight has made him a legend within the BASE jumping world; and allows everyone to experience a world where gravity is simply another obstacle to be overcome.”1 This video demonstrates Proximity Flying through the mountains, cracks & forests of Switzerland and from Mt Eiger, Kandersteg Jungfra, Dumpster & Gleckstien. I’m not sure I’m down for this personally, but I love watching this human flight, it symbolizes so many things…

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