Time-Out Thursday – Recycling for Art’s Sake

Time-Out Thursday

Time-Out Thursday

…is an opportunity for me to blow the whistle and remind you to stop, take a deep breath, and smile. I will be sharing material that has made me smile, a video, a statement, an image or a story. It could be something beautiful, funny, inspiring, or amazing my only criteria is that it makes me smile and that I hope to pass that smile on to you. Take a time-out, this one’s on me.

Recycling for Art’s Sake

When I have free time, I love to craft, and there is no better way to craft than to recycle, reuse or upcycle something. Recently the website EarthPorm.com featured this list of 25 great ways to recycle old CDs. I honestly didn’t think that we’d already be in a time were CDs are obsolete, but I love the way these creative crafters have come up with ways to reuse the CDs and create some beautiful and functional art. Click the image to be taken to the article and see the rest of the ideas. Aside from sculptures like below, you’ll see a bird bath, box covers, covered guitars, and even purses and accessories.


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