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(inspired by Tim Ferriss Five Bullet Fridays – he also talks about and to Derek Sivers, small world? I think not…)

 Last updated July 5, 2017

What I'm watchingSwiss Army ManThis movie made my husband sad. I know why, but I like to take those kinds of things and find a way to be grateful. I also didn't think too hard about it and just enjoyed the humor woven all through the a capella soundtrack, creative crafts and friendship.
What I'm watchingTour de FranceTis the season, when you're married to a cyclist and a fan of cycling, the world turns yellow and every night evening activities are done with the sounds of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen commentating on the day's stage.
What I'm ReadingGrimoire SagaSM BoyceI read this entire four book series straight through, I loved it and will definitely be looking at the other works from this author as my reading list runs low.
What I'm ReadingThe most important skill every leader needs to succeed, according to a Tour de France team managerJonathan VaughtersTL;DR Divide the booty. Always say thank you. Return the favor. Hire the right people.

Saying thank you and instilling the culture to return the favor resonates with me in a service industry. I love seeing leadership cross industries. Cycling has enriched my life in so many ways (and I don't even ride)! I believe it is the true equalizer that brings all nations and all classes together for a single great cause. It is everything the world could do if everyone used their skills for good and not evil.
What I'm looking forward toBigfork, MontanaVacation will be more about rivers, mountains, hiking and sky than our normal tropical beach destination, but I'm looking forward to it just as much!

What I’m Doing Now

Inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page project, via Denise Wakeman. Derek says:

People often ask me what I’m doing now.

Each time I would type out a reply, describing where I’m at, what I’m focused on, and what I’m not.

It’s a nice reminder for myself, when I’m feeling unfocused. A public declaration of priorities.

(If I’m doing something that’s not on my list, is it something I want to add, or something I want to stop?)

So what’s going on for me Now?

I’m in Redlands, with my husband and our daughter, focusing on coming out ahead in 2017.


“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” Michael J. Fox

We’re a few weeks out from our summer vacation, a trip to Montana with lots of hopes to see great big skies, mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and wildlife. We’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel too, it’s as challenging as every horror story leads you to believe. Can’t wait until the finished product is ready!


“It is no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are heal.” Ed Northstrum

After two eight-week sessions of health and fitness, my coverage is up for another year. Now it’s up to me to keep the fitness going. The first session kicked my butt. By the end of session 2 I was feeling a lot better about things. Luckily I’ve found the four week challenges over in the Nerd Fitness forums. I think with them I can help keep some semblance of motivation. We’ll see.


“Education is the movement from darkness to light.” Allan Bloom

I’m reminding myself of the intranet industry and trying to get up to speed on that. I’m also learning more about the internet best practices for healthcare and higher education. I continue to hone my leadership skills by reading, mostly articles these days. Project management has been critical recently and I’m actually leading out on a project that will help bring the project management for many multidisciplinary teams together into one system. I’ve also been participating in/leading a mastermind group which is giving me lots to learn.

Tinker Project

A Tinker Project is about trusting that sometimes, your heart has reasons for doing things that take awhile for your head to understand.” Jason Kotecki

I’m considering my blog as my tinker project. But I’m also looking to make a daily calendar with my favorite photo techniques so that I can learn how to be a better photographer. I want to get back into this and learn more about content marketing.


“There is a light somewhere begging to be followed. Calling out from distant horizons in your mind.” Volcom

Projects include:

  • The web redesign
  • Multidisciplinary project management across three and four (or more) teams
  • Developing a distributed authorship strategy and support system (including training and email campaign)
  • Helping the team continue to mesh

This is my focus for 2017, while there is a lot I know I want to do, I have to stay focused on what I need to do.  This list will help me stay focused and say no when I need to.

As my activities change, I will update this list, at a minimum, once a month.
Last updated July 2017